General conditions of sale & confidentiality

1. General information
When validating the order, the customer agrees to these general terms and conditions of sale in their entirety. The sales contract is concluded between and the customer.

2. Products
VESA cube games A unit of the VESA game consists of engraved wooden box for storage, a manual in French and German, and twelve cubes engraved on each side. You can also find an English version of the manual on our website. VESA games are products made of beech wood for the cubes, and poplar plywood for the box. Each VESA game set is unique due to the natural material used for its production. For instance, depending on the structure of the faces of a cube, the wood will react differently to the engraving process and therefore will not look alike like any other VESA set.

3. Shipping & Returns
Upon receipt of the order, we will send you the goods within five working days. VESA ensures the quality and condition of the products before shipment. However, VESA cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during delivery.

4. Shipping costs
Shipping costs are only free of charge in Switzerland.

5. Prices
The prices displayed during the validation of the order correspond to the final price paid by the customer, including VAT and delivery.

6. Data protection & privacy
The data collected by VESA is used exclusively to process your order. We do not sell or transmit the data to third parties. Your data will also not be used for marketing purposes unless you wish to. Below you will find the reasons why your data is needed: – Name, first name, address: Information used to deliver the product
– E-mail: Information used to validate the order
– Credit card: Information required for payment of the order

7. Warranty
We guarantee the delivery of products according to the photos available on our website. We ensure the quality of our products before they are shipped. However, if a VESA product should have a manufacturing defect that is not due to the natural appearance of the wood, we invite you to contact us.

8. Applicable law & place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is located in Fribourg. These general terms and conditions of sale as well as the sales contracts concluded are governed by Swiss law.