Direct impact on today & tomorrow

We are VESA, a Swiss start-up that brings together social, local, and ecological resources to develop durable and educational games. Our goal is to enable people to be more conscious by raising awareness for sustainability and education. This is why we co-design goods that foster skills and that are linked to socio-ecological well-being.
We aim for circular economy
In simpler terms, the concept of a circular economy means designing products with their entire lifecycle in mind. The current way of doing things doesn't work well for people, the environment, or businesses anymore, so it's time to take responsibility and move towards a more circular and collaborative economy. 

At VESA, we create products that can be easily recycled or remade, and we use renewable and long-lasting materials. We're dedicated to using smart resources like FSC-certified wood and helping biodiversity in Switzerland. 

We also prioritise social responsibility. That's why all our wooden VESA games are made in the Bellechasse prison in Fribourg. This helps inmates engage in productive activities and receive education, which can support their reintegration into society, both professionally and personally.