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We bring together social, local, and ecological resources to develop durable and educational goods. We are committed to collaborating with local partners who share our values.

Seasonal Market

Discover local and seasonal fruits and vegetables while having fun! VESA cubes can be used in unlimited ways to create a variety of games. Each side of the cube stimulates one or more of the child's faculties in terms of touch and cognitive development from the age of 18 months on.

The VESA Seasonal Market cube game consists entirely of Swiss wood and is manufactured in Fribourg. The cubes are made of beech wood and poplar plywood for the box. The set contains twelve wooden blocks engraved on all six sides with content that will enable children to learn about Swiss fruits and vegetables, numbers (0-12), alphabet (A-Z), and languages (FR, DE, EN). The illustrations of this edition were crafted by Lucie Gremaud.

55 CHF